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Use Pipelight to Get Netflix on Linux

Pipelight is a new open-supply undertaking for getting Microsoft Silverlight applications to run inside internet-browsers on Linux, including the widely sought after Netflix Player on Linux, many visitors now Use Pipelight to Get Netflix on Linux which was a common issue before the application came out in the market. The Pipelight undertaking for Silverlight in […]

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The Ups and Downs of Open Source Software

Open Source software has been accountable for a number of innovations in the modern era, together with the Linux operating system and Mozilla Firefox browser, to call only a couple. Today, open source software is being considered an increasing number of of a invaluable asset to companies. Open source software allows for complete collaboration to […]

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If you would want to customize your website to include features for better navigation of the visitors like a customer list or a forum, then you will definitely need an open source database and a hosting service that can handle your large amounts of dynamically stored information. The most popular database for online use is […]

Open Source SW

OPEN OFFICE – MAKE YOUR WORK LIGHTER Open Office – Make your Work Lighter

Open Office is a popular open source office suite that has been attracting the attention of computer users especially those perform office work most of the time. In the last few years, this software application attracted many users into switching from MS Office to a more versatile and powerful office productivity suite. It is the […]


Metatrader and Ubuntu Linux

About 7-8 years ago when I started using Metatrader, using Linux was just an impossible dream. The Linux operating system, which was developed through the collaboration of many people around the world, is a product of the Internet and is a free operating system. If Metatrader opens in your Linux machine, then you’re in luck. […]


Unresolved Political Events Continuing to Affect the Global Market

Movement of currency and the economy is determined by a number of factors like macroeconomic parameters and current and prospective political events. Everything that happens in the world, especially in the major countries could easily affect our global market. From natural calamities, to man-made hazards, to rising political events and issues, any of these happenings […]


The Importance of Proper Security for Conferences

One of the best ways to ensure your large conference runs smoothly is to establish proper security. By establishing a security plan, you can reduce unforeseen negative impacts of having a large number of people from many different companies gather. Especially if the conference contains trade secrets or information that is not for the general […]