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You can’t always hide out in your cabin or studio. Sometimes you have to venture out. That’s why attending seminars and conferences is a great way for personal and professional development. Every year numerous conferences are organized by various organizations all with the aim of improving one’s knowledge and skills for a particular field of interest. Attending one or two professional gatherings every year will help you become more aware with the latest trends, development in your chosen career or field of interest and this is a great way to meet new acquaintances or gather with your peer group. However, after a day of lectures and talks, many attendees hate the dull and boring moments and eventually lose interest during the conference stay. These annual events are planned beforehand and activities are made to accommodate all the types of attendees. However, if you want to enjoy the conference and make use of your time wisely, there are ways to help you make the most of your conference experience.

Deciding to attend a conference is easy and what you would like to gain from it is a main consideration. Of course you are there mainly to refresh your knowledge or meet professionals in your field. The opportunity to be introduced to the speakers/organizers or connect with potential clients is another plus when attending conferences. During conference stay, most of the day will be spent on pre-planned activities but after the scheduled activities have commenced, you have all the time to meet-up with your colleagues and get to meet and greet the big names in the industry.

To raise your interest during the event, you need to set yourself with specific outcomes such as “to learn more about the latest trends” or to “meet and get to know 2 new potential clients”. Enjoying the after party is only the extras, as you should always remember your main goal during the conference stay. If you decide to go with a group or company, this would even make the event more enjoyable since you already know someone and you won’t be worried not to know anyone in the event. However, you should always remember to spend time listening attentively during the lectures and talks rather than spend the whole session chatting with your friend or colleague. There is always time for chitchat but important conferences do not happen every day.

Using social media before, during and after the conference stay is a great way to share any interesting tips or insights. You can interact with as many people from your industry as you can during breaks. Use your Facebook page to post updates on the talks and discussions and you can immediately post pictures on Instagram to update your network about the latest happenings during the conference. This will make your conference stay more enjoyable and you wouldn’t have to worry about 2 or 3 days of being bored.