Unresolved Political Events Continuing to Affect the Global Market

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Movement of currency and the economy is determined by a number of factors like macroeconomic parameters and current and prospective political events. Everything that happens in the world, especially in the major countries could easily affect our global market. From natural calamities, to man-made hazards, to rising political events and issues, any of these happenings can either make or break the economy and sometimes it can happen as fast as seconds or minutes. Almost every significant political event always is connected with economy, and its influence can render both positive and negative influence on a condition of this or that national currency. As concerned citizens, we should always look out for these important happenings especially when we are involved in business, trading, financing or professions concerning money and economy. But whether you’re just an ordinary individual be it a housewife, doctor, or cleaner, you too should be aware of what’s happening with the economy as you too are directly affected with whatever changes are occurring in the global market.

Whether you’re a producer, seller or consumer, you will need to be aware of the latest political events concerning your country and with the rest of the world. Over the past 5 years, economic recession and retrogression are experienced by even the most stable countries in the world even America and Europe. Residents have blamed it on their politicians and some groups are fighting out for their rights and their causes. People are growing anxious to get the some of the problems fixed, and keeping a wary eye on those that can affect their lives in the immediate future. Financial issues are nearing the level of tolerance especially when unemployment, housing crisis, cost of health care and growing national debt is concerned.

Unemployment rate has been around 10% over the past years and some areas even experience more. Those who have 2 or more jobs have now only 1 and those that have stable jobs now have none. There is too the very famous national debt that has unending influence on rising interest rates that makes it impossible for people to cope with their debts. Corporate greed has also been seen as a major front liner in financial crises and even a number of health care issues have risen from the economic meltdown. Healthcare should be and for the people, but why is it becoming so expensive lately? How can anyone afford quality health care nowadays?

All the financial issues are just consequences of political events and issues that have been left unaddressed or untouched for quite some time. Politicians cannot run the economy, most of them are not economists in the first place, and they can either lead us to heights or lead us to slums. What do we care when politicians are not in good terms with each other? It’s their issues and the public should not be caught up in the middle and be the one to suffer poor political choices and decisions.