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Selling your car can be a long and tedious process. First you have to get it checked out to by a mechanic to make sure it’s in good mechanical condition. Then you have to clean it up so it looks good. Then there are the photos and putting an ad on craigslist, waiting weeks for someone to respond while you continue reposting every 3 days. After posting it on-line you might have to show it to who knows how many people before you get so frustrated with the whole thing you sell it to the first person who makes you an offer, no matter how low it is. Or, you forgo most of that stress and list it in autotrader, the US’s largest new and used car print and on-line periodical.

Using autotrader to sell your car has several benefits over using a free on-line listing. First off, autotrader looks much more professional, which is appealing to buyers. Listings all follow the same format and are easy to read. Second, using a professional service lets buyers know you’re a serious seller and aren’t trying to pawn off a lemon. And finally, the autotrader website offers more functionality than free services, allowing shoppers to save listings they’re interested in and quickly call or email sellers.

So now that you’ve decided to sell your car with autotrader, be sure to take advantage of an autotrader promo code or autotrader promo codes. Doing so will save you a few bucks on your listing; who can argue with that?!?

After setting up an account and using your coupon code there are a few things you can do to make your ad really stand out to attract lots of buyers:

1. Research your car’s details so the buyer doesn’t have to. How many times have you just glossed over a listing because all it contained was the make, model, year, miles, and a grainy photo? The more info you provide to potential buyers the more time they’ll spend reading you ad and the more likely they’ll be to contact you about your car. Providing lots of info also shows the buyer you know your car and have nothing to hide.

2. Highlight the unique selling points of your vehicle. Does it get great gas mileage or have a custom paint job? The more benefits you highlight the more people will be interested in learning about the vehicle.

3. Try and anticipate a potential buyers questions and answer them in the ad. The #1 question most people have is “why are you selling?”. The other question you’re sure to get is about the condition of the car. Provide honest, straightforward info about the vehicle to win the trust of potential buyers.

4. Take quality photos of both the outside and inside of the car. The first thing a potential buyer will notice about your ad is the quality of the photos. Use a good quality digital camera and capture it from multiple angles. Also take pictures of the interior to show the type and quality of the upholstery or leather.

But remember, before you post your listing, use an autotrader promo code for savings on car listings.