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Yes, you read that title right. In today’s post, we’re going to feature an interview with the man behind The Best Walking Shoes Guide which makes over $500 per month and is built on WordPress. Since a lot of WordPress users use the platform for their money sites, we found it to be an interesting interview for you today. The Best Walking Shoes Guide is run on WordPress and uses Amazon affiliate links as its monetization method.

Q. When did you start The Best Walking Shoes Guide and how much money did it make last month?

A. I started The Best Walking Shoes Guide in August of 2012 and it made $300 in September and it is on track to make $500 in October. The site has only been around for a month and a half at this point, which is amazing considering how much it is earning already.

Q. Why did you choose WordPress as the framework for your website?

I chose WordPress, because it is a platform I’m familiar with. I can knock out a basic website in a couple hours and have it indexed in Google by the next day. I first worry about getting the bare essentials up including some basic content and then I go all out to rank the site. Once I break into the top 10, the good traffic starts to come in. If I break into the top 10 easily, that also means I can probably get it higher. This is the point where I also start to improve the content on each page and create more pages with more content to rank for additional keywords. I also will make more of an effort on the design to put some usability and trust into the design. I like this system because it helps keep costs down low until the money starts coming in.

Q. What are the pages that make the most money on the site?

I obsess over tracking and analytics. I love looking at data, especially when the data is about my earnings. It’s fun to spot to the opportunities and take out the losers. There are two pages that earn the most money and they are both my main guides on the site. One is the best women’s walking shoes guide which is a list of my handpicked best walking shoes for women that includes a lot of different styles. The second best page is my best men’s walking shoes guide that lists all of my best walking shoes for men based on comfort, style, and price. These pages really help the consumer with their buying decision before they buy and that’s why the site has been as successful as it has been.

Q. Any new niches you hope to break into in the future?

After The Best Walking Shoes Guide gets a bit more steady with its rankings, I will definitely expand my niche site portfolio with new websites in new niches, but I have not looked into my next niche site yet. I do know that I’m going to try a lead generation site next, because my research shoes that’s where most of the money is made and I think it’s a better long term investment.

That concludes our short interview with Reggie of the Best Walking Shoes Guide. We hope to feature more case studies of people making money on sites built on WordPress.