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It’s really difficult to get a good workout when on the road to a conference. There’s the traveling, the stress of checking into your hotel room, the stress of finding the venue and being well rested, and so much more. With all these distractions, it has become a common problem for many men and women who want to exercise, but can’t seem to find the time while on the road.

Today, we’re going to offer you some exercise tips you can use while on the road. These will only take 30 minutes so you most likely can squeeze some time to do these before your late night shower or before your morning shower. When I’m not traveling, I train with my personal trainer in Irvine at Next Level Fitness, Scotty the Body. He is the one who gave me these tips to use while on the road so remember the following is coming from an expert.

1. Run. Yes as simple as it sounds he told me to go run around the hotel if it’s safe, but with a twist. He said to only run for 20 min, but not just light jogging, but sprinting. Sprinting is a very good method to accelerate the benefits of jogging, plus sprinting helps build leg and core and muscles while jogging mostly just trims fat. Plus sprinting takes a lot less time than jogging. You can do 5 min of stretching and then 15 minutes of sprinting and you will get tired out fast, which means you got a good workout.

2. Hotel Room Exercises. This is the easiest and one of my favorite exercises to do. It’s basically a series of 5 exercises that you do all in a row without stopping. First, do 20 pushups. Second, do 20 crunches. Third, do 20 lunges. Fourth, stretch out your arms perpendicular to the floor with your palms facing down and run in place lifting your knees high enough to hit your hands. Do this until your knees hit your hands 50 times. The last exercise is 120 seconds of planking, which involves getting in a pushup position but on your forearms instead and just holding that position.

What I typically do is do the running in the morning and then I do the hotel room exercises at night before my night time shower. This combination is the perfect exercises and workouts to do on the road. Scotty is one of the best personal trainers I have ever trained with. If you don’t have a personal trainer and living in Orange County, California, you should consider going to Next Level Fitness and signing up with Scotty or one of their other Irvine personal trainers. If you go to their website right now, in fact, you can sign up for a free week trail of personal training to try them out for free. This is actually the same deal I used to get started and now I’ve been training there for over a year. One of the benefits of a personal trainer is how much they push you to get your workouts in and be effective. Plus, they give you tips like these to use when your on the go and need to get that workout in.