About Me

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Hi, I’m Mike Haffle and I live in Toronto.  I attended the University of Toronto and I received my BASc in Computer Science in 2008.  The computer engineering program was really cool and I have been doing a lot of my own development projects using Java, PHP and Ruby since I graduated.

I work as a self-employed freelance programmer and I like to take on projects from Odesk and some other programming sites.  When I was in college, we used a lot of Open Source Software for our classes, so I just naturally went that way.  I’m really into the Open Source movement, and I like to go to Open Source events and conferences, whether they are in town or down in the USA.

I really like living in Toronto, though it does get a bit cold in the Winter.  The summers here are really great.  I also enjoy biking around town, on the bike paths.  I also like to travel and workout.

You can reach me at jgldsssdjfgs@gmail.com, and you can see my Google Plus profile at: