visitor management software

Essential Tools for Managing Visitors Post COVID

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After months of lockdown, offices across the world are gearing up to open their business. That is one of the reasons why they are searching for tools that can help them to keep their employees as well as their workspaces in a safe condition.

There is no doubt the pandemic has changed the game, and visitor management software seems to be the only solution that can help the companies to make it possible. If you are not aware of the tools of the visitor management system that you can use, check the following section of this article.

visitor management software

Employee Registration and Wellness Check

Before welcoming your employees back in your office space, you should create a system that helps you get a clear picture of the situation. Smartsoftware can help you to do just that. This can help you to create a schedule of the employees who are to come to your office on a designated day. With the help of this software, you can approve their entry pass, and make sure that only the right employees are coming to your office on a designated day.

This software can also help you to create a questionnaire for your employees to fill. This questionnaire will help you to find out the names of the employees who are suffering from COVID like symptoms or have a fever. This information will help you to maintain the safety of your office and the health of the rest of the employees.

Capacity management

Even after opening your office, you have to maintain the social distancing norms provided by the government of the respective state. The visitor management software can help you to plan so that you can avoid the risk of overcrowding in your office. By using this software, you can set a capacity limit for your workplace to make sure that you never exceed the government guidelines ever.

visitor management software

Hot Desking

Most of the offices that have open floor seating systems have to change their floor plans. According to the government guidelines, you have to maintain at least 6 feet distance between the desks of your employees.

This can create a fair amount of chaos in your office. Starting a desk booking system could be the solution to this problem. With the help of the visitor management software, you can enable your employees to book a desk before they even come for their shifts. This will also help your cleaning team with the necessary data about the places that the employees have been occupied recently.

Visitor Management

Reopening the office does not only mean the employees. You have to factor in the visitors as well. It does not matter whether you are opening your doors for the interviewees, clients, contractors or vendors, a smart visitor management software can help you manage everything. By using this system, you can collect the necessary information from your visitors before they come to your office. This system can smartly arrange the visitations to make it completely frictionless.

So, these are some of the effective tools of visitor management software that you can use to manage your office easily. The software offers a complete and connected solution which helps you to manage all your employees as well as visitors at the same time. Use the software to reopen your office with confidence.