Keeping Fit While Attending a Conference

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A healthy share of conventions is always good for business; but sometimes attending conferences end up too boring which make the participants lose interest in listening to the talks and presentations. Most of us have attended conferences and I’m sure that you know what happens during the times when you’re stuck in your chair most of the day forcing yourself to absorb all the information that is being presented by the speakers. The worst thing is that during the long talks, we end up eating, drinking more coffee and eat some more. It is true that we gain some weigh during conferences because we spend most our time sitting during the day and make the buffet table as our best companion to survive the long, boring affairs. But after the conference, we complain that we became heavier and try to exercise exhaustively to rid off all the excess weight that we gained during the past few days. Well this is not a very healthy thing to do. Keeping fit while attending a conference is a challenge for attendees especially when you’re surrounded by overflowing food from breakfast until dinner. What you can do is to add exercise to your conference schedule to make it a well-rounded affair.

Traveling can be a disruption to your exercise routine especially when the conference if in a different country and you do not have access to your gym equipment and do not have your gym instructor to guide you. Well this is the time to ahead a little bit as there are many ways on how to integrate exercise into your conference experience.

First of all, you need to establish your tonic level of exercise. This is the minimum amount you need to do in order to feel good and function well. You know your body the most and you know what level of activity can make your body feel good. If you have a daily exercise regimen like running for 10 miles a day and this would be time consuming to do during a conference, you can lessen the time or the distance that you can run just to keep your senses alive and energized. If you’re attending regular yoga or Pilates classes, you certainly can’t bring your teacher with you to the conference, so why not do some selected exercises or moves on the floor of your hotel room.

Something is better than nothing. If you do not have a regular exercise routine, do not sit there and slack off. Your conference experience will involve several late nights, doughnuts and too much coffee from the snack table, and restaurant dinners with friends. A few days of a carbohydrate and caffeine loaded diet screams “unhealthy”. It helps to be in motion even by doing some stretches and strength exercises done in your hotel room. You don’t need to have gym equipment as you can move some muscles by taking a stroll on the venue.

If you’re conference venue is in a large hotel, you’re in luck because these venues usually have gyms or fitness centers on the premises. Some hotels even have a swimming pool or certain kinds of fitness equipment that is free for use for hotel guests. Better grab every opportunity you get in keeping fit while attending a conference and lie low on the doughnuts and sweets because you certainly know where all those carbs will end up.