Metatrader and Ubuntu Linux

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About 7-8 years ago when I started using Metatrader, using Linux was just an impossible dream. The Linux operating system, which was developed through the collaboration of many people around the world, is a product of the Internet and is a free operating system. If Metatrader opens in your Linux machine, then you’re in luck. Linux is free after all and that was the inspiration for many other open source software packages that we all love today, Googles Android OS and WordPress among the most remarkable. Many other versions of Linux just failed miserably.

A few months ago after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 version I tried Metatrader running with the latest version of Wine, version 1.4. This is the logical choice for the deployment of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version. Consult an experienced professional for advice in deploying LTSP with Ubuntu Linux. LTSP is integrated into Ubuntu 11.04 and earlier versions. VDI with Ubuntu Linux eliminates the maintenance of office equipment, and reduces the number of hard drives in your computer fingerprint. Besides the minimal support you will find from your broker and developers (they are mostly into Windows) there are other challenges that may arise when using Metatrader 4 with Linux.

The biggest challenge is that there is just no guarantee that MT 4 will work 100% of the time. I’ve used Mt 4 on other flavors of Linux for several years. Puppy Linux and Ubuntu Linux worked great. Many other versions of Linux just failed miserably. I personally just opted to try various Linux versions until I found one that worked.

There are glitches that occur from time to time, it just comes with the benefits of not having to use Windows to run Metatrader. To run the application as native Windows Metatrader 4, the most effective way is to use an open source application called wine. It worked well for me, the degradation does not affect the functionality of Metatrader 4 whatsoever and I was able to run other Windows applications. Mine shows version 1.4 of Wine. In previous versions of wine, I had to work hard to get Metatrader to run properly. Usually, there is a delay before Metatrader opens, so be sure to wait a few moments.

Linux-based computers, particularly the Linux desktop still represent only 2% of all computers out there in the world. Virtual desktop infrastructure with Ubuntu Linux is ideal for all those who are concerned about security of WAN based VDI. It also makes it easy to switch between Windows if you have other software applications that only run on Windows.

Ubuntu/Wine/Metatrader can be a great combination, but watch out for updates from your broker. Be sure to make backups as new updates can break your system. Again, using a virtual machine is always a good idea.