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OPEN OFFICE – MAKE YOUR WORK LIGHTER Open Office – Make your Work Lighter

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Open Office is a popular open source office suite that has been attracting the attention of computer users especially those perform office work most of the time. In the last few years, this software application attracted many users into switching from MS Office to a more versatile and powerful office productivity suite. It is the default office suite on most Linux distros and it is a free. Yes, it’s free and despite it being inexpensive compared to the purchased counterpart, this software is nonetheless efficient in office functions. However, do not expect specialized and advanced functions as this office suite contain only the basics. If you want to save money, choosing Open Office software is probably a good option for you but do not expect too much as you might experience some limitations.

Of course all you would agree that Open Office is great to be absolutely free from any licensing hassles whatsoever. You do not have to pay out your hard earned income to use this software. Unlike its counterparts that are purchased upon installation, Open Office can be installed on as many computers as you want and make as many copies of it as you like. You cannot certainly do this with a purchased office suite since one license can only installed into one computer unit. Using the free software on the other gives you better accessibility and all you have to do is just download it and install. It’s that easy! Sounds unbelievable but it’s true, it is as good as it gets. It runs on all popular platforms out there as well so you do not need to worry about incompatibility problems. However, if you have been locked into a contract with Microsoft for their office suite, you cannot quickly cancel this contract without having to pay for the additional cost for the termination of your current contract.

In terms of user support, there will always be available support whether you use Open Office in your home, school or deploy it in your enterprise setting. There is a free community support and commercial support available. Many professional developers offer training for open source codes that can help many new users not yet familiar with open source. Getting a paid office suite will direct you to call customer service for help. And since many developers are constantly working on improving the open source system, frequent updates and releases are made available as quickly as possible to correct any discovered bugs. This ensures that you always have a bug free office suite to work with. Open Office is made to be user friendly and not let the user suffer from coping with a bug instead of working.

So what more could you possibly want from an office suite? Open Office has it all and it can definitely lighten up your daily work load.