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When I’m not programming in Ruby or PHP, I like to take some time off and play guitar in my home studo. I’ve been playing around with electronic music and I’ve been looking to upgrade my studio at home and I started looking around for a better set of studio monitors. I looked around and read a lot of reviews and decided to get a set of the KRK Rokit’s.

With the introduction of KRK Rokit series, the benchmark for high performance monitors has raised. Rokit has been renowned for a variety of things like the bass port, tweeter and glass aramid over the years. These things continue to attract the attention of people along with the all new series that comes with great looks, reduced diffraction and the best ever accuracy. Rokit monitor series has remained the first choice when it comes to accurate monitoring, be it in small studios or the large ones. The new generation series sets a new benchmark with even better accuracy as well as performance.People have been compromising on the gain structure for achieving the comfortable level of listening. However, KRK Rokit series allows people not to compromise. The manufacturers are renowned musicians as well as recording experts. They desired to offer such a series that comes with the volume control, offering users a gain range that is adjustable, starting +6dB to as low as -30dB. This way, the manufacturers of this leading monitor let users concentrate on the mix rather than concern over compatibility issues. Most of the recessed tweeters look similar in appearance. However, the catch is that not all perform on the same level. The KRK series has been designed to offer a great tweeter-wave guide. It offers the users high-frequency patterFCutn control. It is such manufactured that the sound is focused outward, i.e. away from the cabinet.The conventional designs use to direct the sound by the side of the cabinet’s plane. Here waveform interaction caused problems in the phase, thereby increasing the diffraction. The manufacturers, KRK knows the suitably engineered wave guide (of high frequency), which is the important constituent offering great sound. This is the core of the best performance offered by the KRK Rokit series. KRK has always focussed on the mix. The company does not stop at manufacturing accurate monitors. KRK appreciates the requirement of the monitors, which not only appear great but also work aptly and easily in tandem with the set-up. Hence, KRK offers various input options with the Rokit. This ensures that it fits snugly to any kind of studio environment. It offers RCA, XLR inputs as well as Quarter Inch that the users require.KRK has enhanced the performance of the Rokit Series, considerably. The company has a great team on board that comprises talented engineers and a competent listening panel, which improved the speaker voicing of Generation 2 Rokit to a desired level of accuracy. The KRK monitors allows users to hear clear and not coloration. This is due to the drivers, which are customized by the brilliant studio monitor team that ensures low deformation performance. KRK is well aware of the fact that two rooms never offer the same sound. Hence, they make sure that every Rokit is equipped with the level control of high frequency. This is one of the features, which offers the ability to specifically adjust the output of high frequency. Users can get ready for the best performing monitor that comes from the experts, KRK.

This model series not only performs better, but also looks different and better. Conventional speakers use to be rectangular in shape. The sound produced was quite narrow. However, the all new Rokit series is miles ahead of the issue as it such designed that there are curved surfaces, leaving no chance for diffraction.